The Picks: Week 3

After week 2 of the picks, the standings flipped on their head, with only one constant, Big Drew on top of the standings. After some questionable picks, Kris went 1-6 and fell three games back of the top. But even with the poor week, he still didn’t find himself at the bottom of the list, that designation belongs to Jim, after an almost equally poor week.

Kris - 1-6 last week, 7-7 Overall

Fongers - 5-2 Last Week, 8-6 Overall

Jim - 2-5 Last Week, 6-8 Overall

Drew - 4-3 Last Week, 10-4 Overall

Texas (1-1) +15.5 at #4 USC (2-0)

It’s the rematch of the 2006 BCS National Championship game that you didn’t know you needed, Texas is traveling to USC not looking like the same team they were in the mid 2000’s. After a meltdown loss to Maryland, the Longhorns rebounded to shut out SJSU, but don’t look for that to help in this game at all. The Trojans will look to flex their top five muscle and trounce the Longhorns.

Kris - USC

Fongers - USC

Jim - USC

Drew - USC

#3 Clemson (2-0) +3 at #14 Louisville (2-0)

In a back and forth affair last year, Clemson was able to blow an 18 point lead, and still come back from down eight points to win that game behind five DeShaun Watson touchdowns. Unfortunately for the Tigers, Watson graduated, and fortunately for the Cardinals, Lamarr Jackson did not. Louisville has revenge on their mind at home.

Kris - Louisville

Fongers - Clemson

Jim - Clemson

Drew - Clemson

Central Michigan (2-0) +10 at Syracuse (1-1)

Central Michigan shocked the world behind almost 500 yards from quarterback Shane Morris, and after a close win over Rhode Island at home, they needed it. On the other side, the Orange are reeling from an upset loss to Middle Tennessee State last week, in which they did not look good at all. The Chips may have a chance for another upset this week.

Kris - Central Michigan

Fongers - Central Michigan

Jim - Syracuse

Drew - Central Michigan

Idaho (1-1) +20.5 at Western Michigan (0-2)

Western Michigan started this season against two power houses and their record shows it. They had a shot against USC, but never seemed to be in the game against Michigan State. With opening up at home, look for the Bronco’s to show that they aren’t the team their record shows.

Kris - Western Michigan

Fongers - Idaho

Jim - Idaho

Drew - Idaho

Air Force (1-0) +23.5 at #7 Michigan (2-0)

The Wolverines were on upset alert early in the 3rd quarter last week against Cincinnati last week before they decided to take control and slow the game down. Air Force is a team that could give this elite defense fits as they control the ball for long periods of time, and with the option, they’ll neutralize Rashan Gary, Michigan’s best defensive player.

Kris - Air Force

Fongers - Michigan

Jim - Air Force

Drew - Air Force

Green Bay (1-0) +3 at Atlanta (1-0)

In the first week, Atlanta looked a little shaky against a BAD Chicago Bears team, but were able to hang on for a win on the road. Green Bay also looked shaky, but it was against a top five defense in Seattle. With the opening of a new stadium, look for Atlanta to give their fans a good show.

Kris - Green Bay

Fongers - Atlanta

Jim - Green Bay

Drew - Atlanta

Detroit (1-0) +3 at New York Giants (0-1)

OBJ will play this Monday night against the Lions, as the Giants look to rebound from a poor offensive showing against the Cowboys. While the Lions had to come back in the game against the Cardinals last week, they were able to shut down their only real weapon with David Johnson, before he got injured. Look for the Lions to focus on Beckham and shut down any chance of a Giants offensive.

Kris - Detroit

Fongers - Detroit

Jim - Detroit

Drew - Detroit

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