Big Drew Talks With Something To Wrestle/Starrcast's Conrad Thompson

For those that don't know, Big Drew is a BIG wrestling nerd. He does a podcast with MLive's Ben Raven and Roommate Jon about all things wrestling as part of their website, The Court of Nerds

For wrestling fans all across the internet, Conrad Thompson is a king. A veteran of the mortgage world, Conrad has taken his wrestling fandom to a level many only dream about. His super popular podcast "Something To Wrestle with Bruce Pritchard" evolved into a WWE network show of similar name ("Something ELSE To Wrestle") and ultimately, to what led to our chat today. 

Conrad, a Crimson Tide fan his whole life, finds himself the promoter of STARRCAST. Starrcast is a wrestling podcast convention connected to the insanely popular ALL IN event coming Labor Day weekend to the Chicago area featuring some of wrestling's all time greats like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Diamond Dallas Page and some of the best podcasters around. Hear Conrad tell you what Starrcast is all about, offer some exclusive news and announce that Big Drew and his buddies...are also ALL IN for the weekend!

Starrcast tickets go on sale at 8p tonight, get them here!

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