Big Drew's Big Journey Week #5: A Full View

Do you ever look at yourself in a video and think "MAN am I weird lookin!" 

Just wanted to share that. Because I think it every week when I do these. I also think about hiring a camera man....

But really, that leads into this week's video about being vulnerable. See...I always hated going to the beach. Not because I don't like swimming or sand castles or any of the cool beach stuff. I hated taking my shirt off in front of people. Being fully vulnerable? There was awhile I was ashamed to take my shirt off even in private situations. 

Part of the journey is being vulnerable and learning to like how I look and love how I feel. We're gonna get there. You're gonna see some skin at some point. I'm not there yet on my journey but I'm getting there and 5 weeks ago? That seemed so far away. 

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