PODCAST: 2-28-19 SHOW (Bryce Harper, Charles Matthews, & NFL Mock Drafts)

Big Drew and Jim were LIVE from GrandValleyStateUniversity discussing Bryce Harper's new deal, the professional futures of notable Michigan and MSU players, GVSU hoops, Russell Westbrook's fan encounter, NFL Mock Drafts, and the NFL Combine:

- Is Bryce Harper's new mega deal a bad contract for the Phillies?

- What are the professional futures of notable Michigan and MSU players?

- Do you agree with Russell Westbrook's assessment of fans sitting too close to the action?

- Which one of Jim's Infinity NFL Mock Drafts do you side with?

Also, GVSU Men's Basketball Head Coach Ric Wesley and GVSU Women's Basketball Head Coach Mike Williams join the show to talk about their respective teams, and LionsWire's Jeff Risdon drops in to update the latest happenings at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

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