PODCAST: 3-29-19 SHOW (Texas Tech Dominates UM & Ruining Perfect Games)

Texas Tech Dominates Michigan, Ruining Perfect Games, Gloating MSU Fans, & Mandatory Pistons Talk

Jim and Lil’ B recap Michigan’s Sweet 16 loss to Texas Tech and discuss ruining perfect games on air, MSU fans gloating, and the Pistons winning an “important” game:

- Was last night’s Michigan loss unacceptable?

- Was Michigan’s 2018-19 season a disappointment?

- Lil’ B says that Jim did wrong by the audience in talking about Jordan Zimmermann’s perfect game bid

- Do MSU fans need to keep their mouths shut?

- Where are you at with Michigan basketball heading into next season?

- Lil’ B says that we have to talk about the Pistons after their “important” win last night against Orlando

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