PODCAST: 4-17-19 SHOW ("Come Home Stevie" & NHL Playoff First Round Sweeps)

Big Drew and Jim recap a wild night in NHL Playoff action that included two first round sweeps and discuss “Stevie Y” and Ken Holland’s respective futures. Also, the guys do a quick Pistons-Bucks Game 2 preview and talk about the Pistons “building from the middle”:

- “Come Home Stevie” – Is this year’s Lightning team an all-time disappointment?

- Are the Lightning AND Penguins both getting swept good or bad for hockey?

- Is there any reason to watch the Pistons tonight?

- How can the Pistons “build from the middle?”

- Ken Holland addresses the Steve Yzerman rumors. Do you still want Yzerman to be your general manager?

- Do you like how the Pistons are handling Blake Griffin’s injury?

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