PODCAST: 4-23-19 SHOW (Bucks Sweep Pistons & Bleak Detroit Sports Scene)

Big Drew and Jim break down the Pistons getting swept by the Bucks and discuss Jordan Poole’s future, Josh Rosen’s trade value, Tom Gores’ hate of “tanking,” and the bleak Detroit sports scene:

- Did the Pistons make progress this season?

- What were your thoughts on the “poor officiating” last night?

- A sign that Jordan Poole may be going to the NBA. Did he make the right call?

- Did MSU’s Cassius Winston and Nick Ward make the right decisions, respectively?

- Should the Lions trade a third round pick for Josh Rosen?

- Tom Gores doesn’t believe in tanking. Do you?

- Is this the bleakest time in Detroit sports history?

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