PODCAST: 4-30-19 SHOW (Casey Mize's No-Hitter & Spoiler Etiquette)

Big Drew and Jim discuss Casey Mize’s no-hitter; the quality vs. quantity argument with John Beilein and Tom Izzo; spoiler etiquette; and draft grades for the Lions:

- Casey Mize tosses a no-hitter in Double A Erie. When do we see him in Detroit?

- The Athletic’s Emily Waldon joins the show to discuss the Tigers farm system.

- Quantity vs. Quality: Who’s the better coach between John Beilein and Tom Izzo?

- “Issue of our Time”: What’s your spoiler etiquette with movies and television shows?

- CBS Sports says the Lions are losers in this year’s NFL Draft. Are they right?

- Not so fast on Casey Mize coming to Detroit?

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