PODCAST: 5-7-19 SHOW ("Bitter" Jim, Shea Patterson, & Cleveland "Patriots")

Jim and Lil’ B discuss the Edmonton Journal writing about Jim’s Ken Holland send-off and provide an update on the NBA Playoffs. Also, the guys talk about taking last names in marriage; the impact of Shea Patterson’s return; and the Cleveland “Patriots”:

- Jim responds to being called “bitter” by the Edmonton Journal.

- Lil’ B says five NBA teams can win this year’s championship. Do you agree with him?

- The guys give out an “Issue of our Time” on taking HER last name in marriage.

- There are two major reasons Shea Patterson’s return is significant.

- Odell Beckham Jr. says the Browns will be the new Patriots. The Lions are trying too. What does that actually mean? What is the “Patriot Way?”

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