PODCAST: 5-10-19 SHOW (Albert Pujols' 2000th RBI & New MHSAA Regulations)

Jim and Jeff Risdon were LIVE from DeVos Place for Amway River Bank Run Sports and Fitness Expo talking about Albert Pujols' 2000th RBI baseball; new Michigan High School Football practice contact rules and playoff format; and the best Big Ten head coach with Urban Meyer now gone:

- What would you do if you caught Albert Pujols' 2000th RBI baseball?

- Michigan high schools limit contact in football practice. Is it a good rule?

- Is the new MHSAA football playoff format better?

- Who's the best Big Ten head coach with Urban Meyer gone?

- What would it take to give up the Pujols 2000th RBI baseball?

Also, the guys chat with Greg Meyer, Russ Hines, and i understand's Vonnie Woodrick about their involvement in the annual Amway River Bank Run happening tomorrow morning in downtown Grand Rapids.

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