PODCAST: 5-24-19 SHOW (Division III Dominance & Sports Scheduling Issues)

Big Drew and Jeff Risdon talk about Matthew Stafford’s impressive beer chugging; a Division III powerhouse that’s no longer welcome in its respective conference; Darius Slay and Damon Harrison not showing up to Lions OTAs; the biggest Lions holes to fill on the roster; and sports having numerous scheduling issues:

- Matthew Stafford dunks on Aaron Rodgers when it comes to chugging beer. If you’re Rodgers, how embarrassed should you be today?

- A Division III powerhouse, aka the University of St. Thomas, has been kicked out of its own conference. Is this right or wrong?

- What does Darius Slay and Damon Harrison not being at Lions OTAs ACTUALLY mean?

- What are the biggest holes left for the Lions to fill, and how can they fill them?

- Do sports have a scheduling issue? Which one big event would you reschedule?

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