PODCAST: 6-6-19 SHOW (Raptors Win Game Three & Lions Sign Jermaine Kearse)

Big Drew and Jim recap last night’s NBA Finals Game 3, which was won by Toronto, and get into the latest Lions minicamp news and transaction. Also, the guys discuss Lions dangerous players in 2019, a Minor League Baseball scuffle, and Jim’s Steph Curry hate:

- Big Drew is finally buying in to the NBA Finals being a series. Are you?

- Are you still a believer in the Warriors like Jim is?

- LionsWire’s Jeff Risdon joins the show for the latest updates from Lions mandatory minicamp and to discuss the signing of Jermaine Kearse.

- Who are the most dangerous Lions players in 2019?

- The benches cleared during a Minor League Baseball game following a bunt single to break up a potential no-hit bid. Who’s in the wrong?

- Will Jim recant his Steph Curry hate? Also, Jim brings of “King LeBron” for some reason.

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