PODCAST: 7-29-19 SHOW (Jim's Lions Kool-Aid Monday & Trevor Bauer's Temper)

Big Drew and Jim celebrate “Lions Kool-Aid Monday” following the signing of Mike Daniels and dive into Golden Tate’s suspension, Trevor Bauer’s major tantrum, T.J. Hockenson’s training camp hype, and the Lions cutting Theo Riddick:

- “Jim’s Lions Kool-Aid Monday!” Is the cost of the Lions signing Mike Daniels worth cutting Theo Riddick?

- Golden Tate gets suspended over the weekend. Do you believe him?

- Trevor Bauer throws a major temper tantrum yesterday. How out of line was he?

- The training camp hype that Jim is buying bulk in. Are you buying in to the T.J. Hockenson hype?

- The most important aspect of the Lions signing Mike Daniels. What’s the best part of Daniels in Detroit?

- Will Theo Riddick be the latest to come back to haunt the Lions?

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