PODCAST: 8-2-19 SHOW (Tortured NFL Fan Bases & CFB Preseason Coaches Poll)

Big Drew and Ben Raven break down some hard-hitting Lions Training Camp questions and dive into the most tortured NFL fan bases, the College Football Preseason Coaches Poll, and Michigan’s position battles as their camp opens up:

- Should we be more worried about the lack of a left guard? Will we see the Lions run the hurry up offense more this season?

- LionsWire’s Jeff Risdon joins the show at Lions Training Camp in Allen Park.

- Who is the NFL’s most tortured fan base, and why is it the Lions?

- The College Football Preseason Coaches Poll is now out! Who’s over, under, and properly rated?

- MLive’s Aaron McMann jumps on the show to discuss some Michigan football as they open up camp today.

- What are Michigan’s most important position battles, and who should win?

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