PODCAST: 8-7-19 SHOW (Zeke Elliott's Holdout & Antonio Brown's Frostbite)

Big Drew and Jim provide the latest on Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout and chat about valuable Lions players for Fantasy Football; Antonio Brown’s frostbitten feet; MSU’s placing within the Big Ten this season; and Jim Harbaugh calling this year’s Michigan team “special”:

- Does Ezekiel Elliott deserve a new contract? Is he the next Le’Veon Bell?

- Who are the most valuable Lions for Fantasy Football?

- Are Antonio Brown’s frostbitten feet the dumbest NFL injury ever?

- Is MSU the third-best team in the Big Ten? Are they dangerous this season?

- Are you with the Cowboys or Zeke Elliott?

- Jim Harbaugh calls this year’s Michigan team “special.” What will be “special” about the 2019 Wolverines?

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