PODCAST: 8-12-19 SHOW (Lions Concerns & Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen's Eligibility)

Big Drew and Jim recap their recent Coppercraft trip to Comerica Park to watch the skidding Tigers and break down Lions backup quarterback options, the 2020 MLB schedule, MHSAA’s eligibility ruling on Abdur-Rahmaan Yassen, and Lions preseason concerns after their preseason opener:

- How about those Tigers lately?

- NEW Lions MLive Beat Writer Ben Raven joins the show to share his new and exciting news!

- Who are some possible options for the Lions’ backup quarterback spot?

- Why doesn’t the MLB get it when it comes to their scheduling?

- Did the MHSAA miss the mark with their recent eligibility ruling on Abdur-Rahmaan Yassen?

- What’s your biggest concern with the Lions after their preseason opener?

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