PODCAST: 8-14-19 SHOW (Jim Harbaugh vs. Luke Fickell & Olive Garden's Pass)

Big Drew and Jim break down the latest in the verbal battle between Jim Harbaugh and Luke Fickell and talk about trademarking “The” Ohio State University; the latest height in the Tigers’ current futility; an “Issue of our Time” on Olive Garden’s unlimited pasta pass; and Athlon Sports’ outrageous Big Ten takes in 2019:

- Jim Harbaugh vs. Luke Fickell: Whose side are you on? Did Jim Harbaugh do something wrong in how he handled James Hudson’s transfer process? Is he pro-player?

- Wanting to trademark the word “The,” Ohio State doesn’t seem to understand how words work.

- The Height of Tigers Futility: The Tigers reached a new season low in last night’s home loss to Seattle.

- “Issue of our Time”: Would you indulge in Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass?

- Athlon Sports’ outrageous Big Ten predictions in 2019: Do you agree with their takes on Michigan and MSU?

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