PODCAST: 8-19-19 SHOW (Matt Stafford Paranoia & Mark Dantonio Bread Crumbs)

Big Drew and Jim were LIVE from Slows Bar BQ in Grand Rapids as part of ESPN 96.1's Ten-Year Anniversary Celebration Tour recapping the Lions' second preseason game in Houston against the Texans and discussing the latest possible Mark Dantonio rumblings regarding his MSU future:

- Is there any Matthew Stafford paranoia?

- What the Lions' problem: Matt Patricia or the preseason?

- Are there bread crumbs pointing towards a Mark Dantonio retirement?

- Why do you think Matthew Stafford hasn't played yet? Does Stafford need to play in the third preseason game?

- Jim's Lions Kool-Aid: Who stood out from Saturday's preseason game against the Texans?

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