PODCAST: 9-4-19 SHOW (Lions National Media Hate & Zeke Elliott Extension)

Big Drew and Jim discuss the national media’s continued hate of the Lions and break down MSU’s bigger issue. Also, Dan Le Batard goes after MSU fans, and the guys talk about the most likely ten-win football team in Michigan and Ezekiel Elliott’s new contract in Dallas:

- Everyone hates the Lions. What would have to happen for the national media to be right?

- What’s the bigger issue for MSU: Effort or Coaching?

- Dan Le Batard vs. MSU Fans: Whose side are you on?

- Which team is most likely to win ten games this season: Michigan, MSU, or Lions?

- Is Zeke Elliott worth it? If Kerryon Johnson has a big year, would you give him six years?

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