PODCAST: 9-10-19 SHOW (Matt Patricia's Lions Fit & Antonio Brown's Genius)

Big Drew and Jim discuss Matt Patricia’s fit with the Lions and debate about Jim’s Big Ten Power Rankings. Also, the guys talk about Elijah Collins’ impact at MSU; Antonio Brown being an “evil genius,” and trusting either Matthew Stafford or Matt Patricia:

- Is Matt Patricia the right coach for the Lions?

- Jim’s Big Ten Power Rankings: Do you agree with his Top Five?

- How much are you buying into Elijah Collins’ impact at MSU?

- Is Antonio Brown an “evil genius”? Did he cross a line?

- Who do you trust more: Matthew Stafford or Matt Patricia?

Lastly, the guys go “Around the NFL” with LionsWire’s Jeff Risdon following the conclusion of Week #1 of the 2019 season.

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