PODCAST: 9-17-19 SHOW (MSU's Greatest Sin & NFL Contenders/Pretenders)

Big Drew and Jim discuss those “overachieving” Lions and dive into Jim’s updated Big Ten Power Rankings; MSU’s greatest sin on Saturday; NFL contenders and pretenders; and Michigan’s underdog status:

- Do you feel better with the Lions’ record better than expected to start the season?

- Do you agree with Jim’s updated Big Ten Power Rankings?

- What was MSU’s greatest sin during last Saturday’s loss?

- Out of the remaining unbeaten NFL teams, who are the contenders and pretenders?

- Should Michigan be an underdog this weekend?

- What bothered you the most about MSU’s loss on Saturday?

Also, the guys go “Around the NFL” with LionsWire’s Jeff Risdon following Week #2, and MLive’s Aaron McMann jumps on the show to talk about Jim Harbaugh’s up-and-down tenure at Michigan. Lastly, the Lions have decided to cut C.J. Anderson.

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