PODCAST: 9-25-19 SHOW (Lions-UM Mulligans & UM's Offensive-Defensive Woes)

Big Drew and Jim were LIVE from WesternMichiganUniversity discussing mulligans on your Lions and Michigan predictions and diving into the scariest athletes in sports. Also, the guys predict how many losses for Michigan this season and break down Michigan's offensive and defensive woes:

- Big Drew offers a mulligan. If you could take back your Lions and/or Michigan preseason predictions, would you?

- Is Patrick Mahomes the scariest athlete to currently face in sports? Who were the scariest athletes to face all-time?

- How many games do you see Michigan losing this season?

- Which side of the football worries you more for Michigan: Offense or Defense?

In addition, the guys chat with Western Michigan Head Coach Tim Lester and "Voice of Bronco Sports" Robin Hook on-site, and the guys bring in WOOD TV Sports Director Jack Doles to talk about all things Grand Rapids and his recent induction into the Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame.

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