PODCAST: 10-14-19 SHOW (Wisconsin Throttles MSU & Lions-Packers Keys)

Big Drew and Jim recap Wisconsin’s dismantling of MSU and dive into Jim’s updated Big Ten and College Football Power Rankings. Also, the guys preview tonight’s Lions-Packers matchup with keys to potential Lions win and possible concerns with the Lions:

- Was it a “dumbass” question? Can we call MSU’s defense “great” anymore?

- Jim’s updated Big Ten and College Football Rankings: Do you agree with Jim’s rankings for this week?

- What’s the key to victory tonight for the Lions in Green Bay?

- Lions history in primetime: Do you feel confident in the Lions tonight based on their past history?

- What’s the biggest concern for the Lions tonight?

Also, Spartan Nation’s Hondo Carpenter jumps on the show to discuss his interaction with Mark Dantonio after Saturday’s game at Wisconsin.

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