PODCAST: 10-18-19 SHOW ("Classic Lions" & UM's Ranked Road Games History)

Jim and Adam Jaksa talk about Juwan Howard’s first five-star recruit at Michigan and preview the upcoming weekend matchups between Michigan-PennState and Vikings-Lions:

- Juwan Howard snags his first five-star in recruiting. Will this start a domino effect for Michigan?

- Will it be “Classic Lions” on Sunday against the Vikings at home? Do you believe in them?

- Jim is sad that Michigan won’t give PennState much of a game on Saturday night. Do you agree with him?

- An explanation for why Michigan is so bad in ranked road games.

- The guys don’t think it’s going to be close on Saturday night. Are the correct in that assumption?

Also, MLive’s Ben Raven drops on the show to give his thoughts on the Lions’ upcoming matchup at home against Minnesota on Sunday.

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