PODCAST: 10-29-19 SHOW (NFL Trade Deadline & Downplaying Michigan's Win)

Big Drew and Jim recap the “snoozer” that was today’s NFL Trade Deadline, especially for the Lions, and dive further into Michigan’s win on Saturday night against Notre Dame that leads into where the program sits heading into the final weeks of the regular season:

- Do the Lions need to be buyers at the trade deadline?

- Dinner table conversation: Jim and Producer Shea’s updated College Football Top Ten Rankings.

- Should Michigan fans be downplaying Saturday night’s win against Notre Dame?

- NFL Trade Deadline fallout: Why was it such a “snoozer” this year?

- What clicked for Michigan on Saturday night? Why did it take seven games?

- Has Michigan found a new identity on offense?

- The poll question yesterday says a lot about where the Michigan program is right now. Do you agree?

Also, the guys go “Around the NFL” with LionsWire’s Jeff Risdon following Week #8 of the NFL’s regular season and the quiet NFL Trade Deadline.

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