PODCAST: 11-5-19 SHOW (Caldwell vs. Patricia & #1 vs. #2 in College Hoops)

Big Drew and Jim debate on the better Lions head coach and dish out their updated College Football Top Ten rankings. Also, the guys briefly discuss Jeff Blashill’s future with the Red Wings and preview Michigan and MSU’s basketball season and the upcoming MSU-Michigan football game:

- Jim Caldwell vs. Matt Patricia: Who’s the BETTER Lions head coach? Do you have any buyer’s remorse?

- CPI vs. NPI: What are your takes on Jim and Producer Shea’s updated College Football Top Ten rankings?

- Is a certain Detroit head coach’s job in trouble?

- It’s #1 (MSU) vs. #2 (Kentucky) in college basketball tonight. What do you want to see from MSU?

- Michigan opens up its basketball season tonight vs. Appalachian State. What are your expectations for Michigan this season?

- MSU-Michigan has been announced as a noon kickoff. What should the spread be for that game?

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