PODCAST: 1-9-20 SHOW (Beilein's Apology & Harbaugh's Transfer Solution)

Big Drew and Jim briefly discuss a cringeworthy high school basketball call and give out adopted teams that are left in the NFL Playoffs. Also, the guys dive into John Beilein’s recent apology to his players and Jim Harbaugh’s solution to the NCAA transfer madness. Lastly, the guys throw out an “Issue of our Time” on making your bed every day:

- A cringeworthy high school basketball call. Was it uncalled for?

- The guys get their adopted NFL Playoff teams courtesy of the NFL Playoff randomizer. Who are you cheering for?

- Why John Beilein apologized to his players. Was he out of line?

- “Issue of our Time”: Do you make your bed every day?

- Jim Harbaugh has a solution to the NCAA transfer madness. Do you agree with him?

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