PODCAST: 1-13-20 SHOW (Astros Spygate & Lions New Defensive Coordinator)

Big Drew and Jim dive into the latest breaking news involving the Astros stealing signs and discuss the Lions’ new hire at defensive coordinator. Also, the guys recap another exciting weekend of the NFL Playoffs and talk about which successful blueprint the Lions should follow:

- MLB put the hammer down on the Astros for sign stealing, and ownership fires the general manager and head coach. Did MLB and Astros ownership both get it right?

- The Lions hire a new defensive coordinator in Cory Undlin. Do you like the hire?

- Do the Titans winning mean that the Lions have no more excuses?

- NFL Divisional Round Recap: What stood out from the weekend?

- Which successful blueprint from the past weekend should the Lions follow?

- Is Matt Patricia doubling down on himself?

- Does the new Lions defensive coordinator move the needle and save jobs?

In addition, MLive’s Ben Raven joins the show to discuss the new Lions defensive coordinator and players to watch for in tonight’s National Championship Game.

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