PODCAST: 1-21-20 SHOW ("Comfortable" with Stafford & Playing For Your Dad)

Big Drew and Jim recap Drew's trip to Disney World over the extended weekend and break down Bob Quinn's recent comments on being "comfortable" with Matthew Stafford at quarterback. Also, the guys discuss Derrick Rose's next potential team and talk about playing for your dad following Jace Howard's Michigan commitment. Lastly, Jim tries to defend the T.J. Hockenson pick based on this year's Super Bowl LIV matchup:

- Drew’s back from his Disney World trip!

- Bob Quinn says he’s “totally comfortable” with Matthew Stafford. Should we be as comfortable as Bob Quinn is?

- Contending teams want Derrick Rose. Which team makes the most sense as the next possible destination?

- Juwan Howard’s son commits to Michigan, and Tom Izzo currently coaches his son at MSU. Would you want to play for your dad?

- Does the Super Bowl LIV matchup help defend the T.J. Hockenson pick for the Lions?

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