PODCAST: 1-27-20 SHOW (Kobe Bryant Tragedy & UM's Continued Struggles)

Big Drew and Jim provide their thoughts on the sudden death of Kobe Bryant and discuss Michigan basketball’s continued struggles and GVSU’s new offensive coordinator being suspended over comments made in regards to Adolf Hitler. Also, the guys briefly touch on MSU’s new lineup change:

- How did the Kobe Bryant news hit you? What was his impact on you and the game of basketball?

- The time Kobe almost became a member of the Pistons back in 2007.

- How will you remember Kobe? What are some of his best moments?

- Are you with Jim on Michigan no longer being an NCAA Tournament team?

- The significance of MSU’s lineup change yesterday at Minnesota.

- Was Morris Berger, GVSU’s new offensive coordinator, out of line with his recent comments in reference to Adolf Hitler?

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