2/4/20: Where To Catch Your Favorite Teams This Week On iHeartradio!


Monday February 3rd

ESPN 961: GVSU Coaches Show 6:00-7:00

ESPN 961: Inside Michigan BB 7:00-8:00

ESPN 961: Tom Izzo show 8:00-9:00

WTKG: Red Wings vs Flyers 7:10-10:00

Tuesday February 4th

WOOD: State of the Union

ESPN 961:Michigan basketball vs Ohio State 6:30-10:00

WBFX: MSU basketball vs Penn State 7:00-11:30

WTKG: WMU basketball at Miami 6:30-10:00

Wednesday February 5th

WOOD: Griffins at Admirals 7:35-11:00

ESPN 961: Signing Day 7:00-9:00

ESPN 961: Pistons vs Suns 6:35-10:00

WTKG: Pistons at Nets 7:05-10:00

Thursday February 6th

ESPN 961: GVSU MBB vs Wayne State 7:45-9:30

WTKG: GVSU WBB vs Wayne State 5:45-7:45

Friday February 7th

ESPN 961: Basketball Blitz12:00-1:00

ESPN 961: H.S. Basketball – Hopkins at Godwin Heights 7:15-9:30

WTKG: Red Wings at Blue Jackets 6:40-10:00

Saturday February 8th

WOOD: Michigan basketball vs MSU basketball 11:30-3:00

WOOD: Griffins vs Texas Stars 6:35-10:00

ESPN 961: GVSU MBB vs Ashland 2:45-5:00       

ESPN 961: Pistons vs Knicks 6:35-10:00

WTKG: GVSU WBB vs Ashland 12:45-2:45

WBFX: MSU basketball at Michigan 11:00-3:00

WBFX: WMU vs Ball State 3:30-7:30

Sunday February 9th

WOOD: Griffins vs Texas Stars 3:35-8:00

ESPN 961: Red Wings vs Bruins 12:10-3:00

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