PODCAST: 2-11-20 SHOW (No "Waffling Flakes" & Free Agent QB Matchmaker)

Big Drew and Jim provide the latest on the MSU football head coaching search and dive into some potential Lions draft dreams and temptations. Also, the guys play free agent quarterback matchmaker and break down a story on the MLB weighing major changes to how the postseason is structured:

- An MSU trustee calls Luke Fickell a “waffling flake.” Is he wrong?

- Former MSU players favor a certain coach to be the next man in charge. Would you be on board?

- A local NFL Mock Draft has Jim in a tizzy. Do you feel the same way?

- What’s your Lions draft dream?

- Free agent Quarterback Matchmaker: Which NFL team do you think each free agent quarterback is signing with for next season and beyond?

- Can you resist this Lions temptation?

- Baseball is wild. How crazy is MLB with their latest proposed changes to the postseason?


- Los Angeles Chargers

- Tennessee Titans

- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

- Jacksonville Jaguars

- Miami Dolphins

- Carolina Panthers

- Dallas Cowboys

- Las Vegas Raiders

- Chicago Bears

- New England Patriots

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