PODCAST: 2-17-20 SHOW (Lions Shopping Slay & Beilein Possibly Leaving Cavs)

Big Drew and Jim talk about the Lions actively shopping Darius Slay and the Cavaliers wanting to depart from John Beilein before the NBA returns from the All-Star break. Also, Producer Fongers wants a word with Jim, and the guys break down MSU basketball’s recent struggles. Lastly, the guys debate between Juwan Howard and John Beilein at Michigan:

- Darius Slay is being actively shopped by the Lions. Is it a mistake?

- Would you take John Beilein back?

- Producer Fongers wants a word with Jim. Is Michigan an NCAA Tournament team?

- Are you worried about MSU basketball yet?

- Who goes further in the NCAA Tournament: Michigan or MSU?

- Who would you rather have coaching at Michigan: Juwan Howard or John Beilein?

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