PODCAST: 2-24-20 SHOW (Michigan Hoops Resurgence & Red Wings Rebuild)

Jim and Adam Jaksa break down Michigan’s basketball resurgence and, with the help of Producer Fongers, recap today’s NHL Trade Deadline when it comes to the Red Wings being sellers during a current rebuild. Also, the guys discuss if Detroit would be a good potential suitor for an XFL team:

- Are you excited for Michigan basketball heading into March?

- How many teams in the Big Ten are better than Michigan right now?

- Who has a better March: Michigan or MSU?

- How would you grade Steve Yzerman’s first year with the Red Wings?

- What’s the biggest reason for Michigan basketball’s turnaround?

- Do you want an XFL team in Detroit?

In addition, The Athletic’s Prashanth Iyer drops on the show to provide his thoughts on the Red Wings following the NHL Trade Deadline. Lastly, Producer Fongers offers a “Fun Sound of the Day” as a bonus to the show!

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