PODCAST: 3-3-20 SHOW (Isaiah Simmons Intrigue & Favorite Detroit Stadiums)

Big Drew and Jim debate if postionless football is staring the Lions right in the face and discuss their favorite non-existent Detroit stadiums of all-time. Also, Jim breaks down his sad and pathetic hockey night, and the guys get into whether or not there’s an actual NBA MVP race taking place. Lastly, the guys talk about the upcoming NFL Free Agency period:

- Is positionless football staring the Lions right in the face with Isaiah Simmons?

- The Palace of Auburn Hills is currently being demolished. What are your favorite Detroit stadiums that are now gone?

- Jim’s sad and pathetic Monday night is chronicled. Should we be concerned for his well-being?

- Is there actually an NBA MVP place?

- Do we need to stop treating NFL Free Agency like its Thanksgiving?

In addition, the guys talk all things Lions and NFL happenings with LionsWire’s Jeff Risdon.

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