PODCAST: 4-1-20 SHOW (More NFL Playoff Teams & Top CFB Players in Michigan)

Big Drew and Jim discuss another potential pass rusher the Lions should consider and dive into the NFL officially approving two more playoff teams. Also, the guys serve another “Issue of our Time” on quarantine beer drinking and talk about drafting LaMelo Ball; the Top Five all-time college football players in Michigan; and the Lions holding a “power position” in the upcoming NFL Draft:

- Pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue is demanding a trade. Should the Lions be listening?

- The NFL officially adds two more playoff teams. Is it a good or bad move?

- “Issue of our Time”: Beer sales are soaring in Michigan. How much more are you drinking? What are you doing more of during the quarantine?

- The Pistons wouldn’t hesitate on drafting LaMelo Ball. How big of a mistake would that be?

- “Top Five at Five”: Who are the Top Five college football players of all-time in Michigan?

- The team with the MOST power in the NFL Draft….the Detroit Lions. Is that a true statement?

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