You Should Always Leave A Shoe In Your Hotel Room's Safe

Photo: Getty Images

Many people choose to use the safes in hotel rooms, and if you've ever stashed money, passports or other valuables in one, you've probably felt that pang of fear that you might check out and forget those important items. Well one flight attendant has a tip that will ensure that will never happen.

Her name is Esther and while she works for Dutch airline KLM, she is also known for her TikTok account which shares helpful travel hacks, including one in particular that Esther calls a "game-changer." It's putting a shoe in your hotel room's safe. The flight attendant explained, "Worried about forgetting something from your locker? Put your heel or shoe in it and you won't forget it!" The point being, since your footwear is an essential part of your daily attire, you can't forget it so you won't forget anything else in the safe with it. Of course, this trick works with anything important like a coat or belt.

Among other helpful tips in the video about hotel room hacks are using a hanger to keep the curtains fully closed, using a shower cap to cover your shoes so they don't get the clothes in your suitcase dirty, using the shower cap to cover the room's remote control to protect yourself from any germs on it, using a USB cable and your TV to charge your phone, and more.

To keep up to date with more hacks from Esther you can follow her on TikTok.

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