Chiefs Superfan Accused Of Bank Robbery Cut Ankle Bracelet, On Run: Report

Kansas City Chiefs superfan Xaviar Babudar, better known by his moniker 'Chiefsaholic,' is reportedly on the run amid a $1 million bond after cutting off his leg monitor on Saturday (March 25), bondsman Michael Lloyd told's Dov Kleiman on Monday (March 27).

"Babudar cut off his leg monitor at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 25. So I’ve been hunting after him since then," Lloyd said.

The bondsman said it's unclear why Babudar fled. In December, internet sleuths identified the superfan as a suspect charged for armed robbery, wearing a mask in commission of felony, possession of a firearm commission felony (first offense), threatening a violent act and removing an ankle monitor, according to booking records for the Tulsa County Jail in Oklahoma.

Babudar was booked at around 10:15 a.m. on December 16, two days before the Chiefs' road game against the Houston Texans, which the superfan had publicly stated he planned to attend, having done so for both home and road games throughout the season. Babudar had last tweeted in the hours leading up to his arrest and several Chiefs fans noticed his social media absence, which caused concern on the r/KansasCityChiefs reddit thread.

"Chiefs fan known as 'chiefsaholic' who is usually very active on social media, especially on gameday, hasn't been seen or heard from in 3 days," the Reddit post stated. "He likely had a ticket to attend the Texans game but wasn't spotted in attendance, if anyone has seen him or is able to help then please do your thing Chiefs Kingdom."

The post yielded numerous responses of screenshots detailing his criminal history, which were also shared on other social media platforms. Twitter user David Mathews shared a since-deleted thread detailing that Babudar had not only been arrested for armed robbery last Friday, but had also been involved in multiple robbery related incidents dating back to October 2016.

Babudar also shared several tweets in the past bragging about his lifestyle, which he implied "hard work pays off" and had claimed that he had graduated from Kansas State University, although "there is no record he ever attended that school," according to Matthews.

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