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PODCAST: 5-1-20 SHOW (One Month Sans Sports & Top Non-Sports Video Games)

Big Drew and Jim help get you to the weekend with another “Fri-Yay” installment discussing one month of no sports, the show’s best general manager, more Packers mockery, questions about the 2020 Lions, the Top Five non-sports video games, the NBA’s recent postponements, and college football’s unique challenge:

- We went one full calendar month without sports. What do you miss the most?

- Who on the show do you want running your sports team?

- It’s the fifth straight day of making fun of the Packers following their respective NFL Draft!

- Matthew Stafford is among the favorites for an NFL award. Also, we go around the room with questions about the 2020 version of the Lions.

- “Top Five at Five”: What are your Top Five non-sports video games?

- The NBA has postponed the Draft Lottery and Combine. Will we see the Draft follow suit? When do you think they will return to game action?

- Warde Manuel explained that college sports face a unique challenge to come back. Can college sports succeed without students on campus?

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