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PODCAST: 5-12-20 SHOW (MLB in July Proposal & Coping During Quarantine)

Jim and Producers Fongers and Shea discuss MLB’s latest plan to try and get baseball back by July and talk about getting a pet, coping during quarantine, placing a possible asterisk next to the 2019-20 champions, the next sports dynasty, and remembering birthdays. Also, the guys play Lions fill in the blank:

- Baseball back for the Fourth of July? The latest plan MLB is out.

- “Issue of our Time”: Is now a good or bad time to get a pet?

- How are people coping during quarantine?

- If they finish out the 2019-2020 season, should the champions for that sport carry an asterisk?

- Who’s the next dynasty in sports?

- “Top Five at Five”: Who are the birthdays that you cannot forget?

- Lions Fill in the Blank: Which Lions players will stand out in a good/bad way during the 2020 season?

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