Colin Cowherd: Why No One is Afraid of the Miami Dolphins

Colin Cowherd: “Miami and Tyreek Hill talk a big game but 'flashy, fast, and fun' has got a ceiling. It’s an outdoor sport where you tackle people and this speedboat has run aground as we predicted. Super Bowls are mostly played in rain, cold, and snow leading up to them. Teams need all-weather tires and Miami doesn’t have them. Kansas City is flashy and fun but they play defense and make a point of it. Baltimore and Cincinnati are a lot of fun to watch and can be flashy on the perimeter, but you see a toughness. The first half [vs. Kansas City] was just manipulation, manhandling, and undressing the Dolphins. Let’s be honest about Tua. You gotta set that play up, you gotta give him time, and he’s not going to make anything happen athletically. Once Tua is uncomfortable he’s a very average quarterback. Miami really is what we thought they were, which is a lot of speed, a lot of fun, highly creative, built for September and the first couple weeks of October... But this sport is outdoors and there’s a lot of northern teams who are good. Miami is like a pitcher without a second out pitch. They’ll continue to be a marvel with speed, but I’ve watched this sport my entire life—the fastest team does not win the Super Bowl. You gotta have ‘speed’, there’s a difference. New England is slow, you can’t be that, but this is not a track meet. You tackle people, it’s outdoors, you play in snow and wind... You can have all the speed in the world on offense but you gotta block. That offensive line is not good enough. Go look at all the good teams in the NFL -- Baltimore, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Buffalo -- they all have a great pass rush. Miami can’t block those teams. Spend less money being the fastest team in the world. Spend more money on tackles, especially with Tua who has got health issues, size issues, and not hyper-athletic. They are not built to win right now going forward.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the 6-3 Miami Dolphins are a legitimate Super Bowl threat despite leading the AFC East division and boasting one of the most explosive offenses of the last decade. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he sold his stock in the Dolphins weeks ago, at one time calling them the ‘fake Gucci loafers of the NFL.’ 

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