Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the NFL's Top 10 Teams After Week 11

Watch Colin Cowherd release his Week 10 NFL ‘Herd Hierarchy’, with Colin counting down his rankings of the top 10 teams heading into Week 12.

10. Cleveland Browns (7-3, Last Week: 8): “Not sure about Dorian Thompson-Robinson but they have beaten the Ravens and Steelers in back-to-back weeks, which they had never done in their franchise's history. They have won 5 of their last 6 games, and I think Myles Garrett has got an argument to the be the MVP of the league."
9. Buffalo Bills (6-5, Last Week: Unranked): "I think they hit a low point and they'll rebound. They're number four in the league in point differential, they have the number four scoring defense, and Josh Allen is an all-time talent."
8. Houston Texans (6-4, Last Week: Unranked): “First three-game winning streak since 2018. We're all looking for great quarterbacks and it looks like we have the next great franchise quarterback with CJ Stroud."
7. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3, Last Week: 10): “They've won 6 of their last 7, let's not freak out. Their defense leads the NFL with 20 takeaways, and Trevor Lawrence has a 100+ passer rating in three of four games. They can beat anybody but they can also lay an egg. I don't know what to make of them but I like the weapons, I like the coach, I like their quarterback, and they take the ball away defensively."
6. Detroit Lions (8-2, Last Week: 6): "They are just a relentless team and have won 16 of their last 20 games. They are now Aaron Rodgers and Favre with the Packers -- they're going to own their division. Their offensive line is dominating, Pro Football Focus has it number one. Their defense was nonsense last year but it's now one of the leaders in sacks."
5. Dallas Cowboys (7-3, Last Week: 7): “When they're rolling they can sledge hammer teams more than Detroit because I think they're better on the back end defensively. They have six wins by 20+ points. It's against a lot of bad teams but Dak has a 119 passer rating over the last five games."
4. San Francisco 49ers (7-3, Last Week: 2): "I don't like Hufanga, the safety being gone for the year. Brock Purdy has a 100+ passer rating in 10 of his 15 starts. Yes, they have the best roster but they're always missing someone because of their physical style."
3. Baltimore Ravens (8-3, Last Week: 4): "I've loved Baltimore all year. They have trailed for 32 minutes all season. They're really good and they have an absolute identity -- it's the number one rushing offense in the NFL but they can be a little ugly and choppy in the fourth quarter of games."
2. Kansas City Chiefs (7-3, Last Week: 2): "They're a great first half team trying to find an identity in the second half and they can't. I put them ahead of Baltimore mostly because of Mahomes and Andy Reid finding creative ways to win. Chiefs haven't scored 0 second half point in three weeks, it's why we like Philadelphia."
1. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1, Last Week: 3) "Don't tell me they didn't play well and 'got lucky.' That game is like all their games. They're 4-0 when trailing at halftime. They're 3-0 when trailing by 10+ points. They're 12-2 on the road the last two years. They can get too cute in the first half but they settle down and go physical over fancy in the second half."

Dropped from rankings: Bengals #5, Seahawks #9

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