PODCAST: 5-31-19 SHOW (Raptors Win, Spelling Bee, & LeBron-less Playoffs)

Big Drew and Jim recap the Raptors’ victory in Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night and discuss the crazy ending to this year’s National Spelling Bee and a LeBron-less NBA Playoffs. Also, Drew has a message for all hockey fans:

- Is it time to respect the Raptors?

- Do the Warriors need Kevin Durant?

- Are you pro Drake?

- There was an EIGHT-WAY TIE for this year’s National Spelling Bee title. Do you agree with the decision?

- Are you buying the Raptors?

- Drew has a message to all NHL fans, including Producer Fongers. Are the NBA Playoffs still superior when comparing them to the NHL Playoffs?

- Are the NBA Playoffs BETTER without “King LeBron?”

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