PODCAST: 3-25-20 SHOW (Michigan's "Paper Hype" & Favorite Movies/Shows)

Big Drew and Jim discuss numerous topics to help get you through the current coronavirus quarantine that includes a guarantee from a new Lions player; the “March Sadness” Elite Eight; salvaging the upcoming NFL Draft; Michigan football’s continued “Paper Hype”; discovering new movies and shows; the Lions’ most likely first-round pick; an updated over/under win total for the Lions in 2020; and Jim overthinking a video game:

- New Lion Jamie Collins says, “We’re definitely going to start winning….right now.” Does anyone believe him?

- The “March Sadness” Elite Eight is set! Will Michigan and MSU both reach our FICTIONAL FINAL FOUR?

- How would you salvage the upcoming NFL Draft?

- Producer Fongers talks Michigan “Paper Hype”: What’s your expectation for Michigan football this fall?

- What’s a great movie and/or show you have discovered during the quarantine?

- Are you cool with the most likely Lions first-round draft pick?

- How did free agency impact the over/under win total for the Lions in 2020?

- Is Jim overthinking his Madden video game draft?

Also, Jim doesn't think fishing is a sport. Is he right or wrong?

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