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PODCAST: 4-6-20 SHOW (Al Kaline Passes Away & Lions Playoff Drought)

Big Drew and Jim discuss the breaking news of the day on Al Kaline’s passing and get into various topics involving the Lions’ playoff drought, The Masters moving to November, Michigan golfers getting ticketed during the coronavirus pandemic, and Detroit athletes currently snubbed out of the Hall of Fame that should get in:

- “Mr.Tiger” Al Kaline passes away at age 85. What are your greatest memories of the Tigers great?

- The Top Five reasons you can’t blame Matthew Stafford for the Lions’ playoff drought. What’s the common theme in the Lions’ last three playoff losses?

- There’s one tiny problem with The Masters moving to November. Do you agree with it?

- Michigan golfers are being ticketed for golfing during Governor Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders. What should happen to the game of golf in Michigan?

- Which snubbed Detroit athlete deserves to be in the Hall of Fame the most?

- “Top Five at Five”: What are five things you want to find in the break room?

- What’s standing in the way of a Lions playoff win?

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