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Big Drew and Jim

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PODCAST: 4-22-20 SHOW (Rob Gronkowski's NFL Return & Top Five NFL Teams)

Big Drew and Jim continue to break down Rob Gronkowski’s return to the NFL with the Buccaneers and discuss getting a haircut during quarantine and Jim’s continued dreams about Chase Young. Also, the guys each list their current Top Five NFL teams and talk about Bob Quinn’s apparent clean track record:

- Why does Rob Gronkowski’s NFL return bother Big Drew?

- What the Lions were going to give up for “Gronk” in 2018.

- “Issue of our Time”: Would you let your significant other cut your hair?

- Jim keeps dreaming about Chase Young. Is he wasting his time?

- “Top Five at Five”: Who are the Top Five teams in the NFL currently following the “Gronk” trade to Tampa Bay?

- A reason Martha Ford may be very happy with Bob Quinn. Does it matter to you?

In addition, the guys chat with LionsWire’s Jeff Risdon on all things NFL Draft and Rob Gronkowski being traded to the Buccaneers.

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