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PODCAST: 7-10-20 SHOW (Notre Dame an Outlier & Mask Mandate in Michigan)

Big Drew and Jim continue their discussion from yesterday on the Big Ten going with a conference-only approach to their fall sports scheduling and get into Drew’s future phone upgrade, make-or-break Tigers for 2020, Michigan’s mask mandate, updated Big Ten over/unders, and the Tigers’ Opening Day matchup in Cincinnati:

- Should Notre Dame be left out in the cold? Is it finally time for them to join a conference for football?

- What the Big Ten going to a conference-only schedule means for Michigan and MSU.

- Can the old Drew learn new tricks when it comes to upgrading his phone?

- Who are the make-or-break Tigers to watch in 2020?

- Governor Whitmer mandates wearing masks in Michigan. What does it actually mean?

- Updated Big Ten over/under win totals: Do you agree with where Michigan and MSU’s projections?

- Does the Tigers’ Opening Day matchup against the Reds offer up some cautionary tales?

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