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PODCAST: 8-19-20 SHOW (Casey Mize Debut Tonight & NBA #1 Seeds in Trouble)

Big Drew and Jim discuss yet another Tigers loss and get into some more Lions Training Camp discussion. Also, the guys talk about the NBA and NHL bubbles, especially after the NBA’s top seeds dropped their respective Game 1s of the NBA Playoffs. Lastly, Producer Fongers tries to temper Jim’s Tigers excitement:

- Casey Mize gets his Tigers debut tonight. Are you still excited?

- We’re three weeks away from Lions football. What will their record be after the first three weeks of the season?

- Big Drew (NBA) and Producer Fongers (NHL) dish out a fresh NBA and NHL bubble update.

- Are the NBA’s #1 seeds in Milwaukee (East) and Los Angeles (West) in some bubble trouble?

- Producer Fongers says all Tigers playoff talk needs to stop. Is anyone still left on the playoff express?

- Are there ANY reasons to buy into the Lions this fall?

In addition, MLive’s Ben Raven jumps on the show for his insights on Lions Training Camp, and Ben tries to derail Jim’s LeBron praise.

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