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PODCAST: 8-21-20 SHOW (NBA Draft Lottery Recap & Stevie Y vs. Troy Weaver)

Big Drew and Jeff Risdon recap the Pistons getting short-changed in last night’s NBA Draft Lottery and go around the college football circuit with the latest headlines. Also, the guys discuss the future of virtual fans and give another NBA/NHL bubble update. Lastly, the guys talk more Lions Training Camp and trusting Steve Yzerman and Troy Weaver:

- The NBA Draft Lottery short-changes the Pistons. Is it rigged?

- It’s a college football stampede! We give you the latest headlines in the college football world.

- Is there a place for virtual fans after the pandemic?

- Jeff Risdon (NBA) and Producer Fongers (NHL) update the latest from the NBA and NHL bubbles.

- The guys get into some of the biggest storylines from Lions and NFL Training Camp.

- Which general manager do you trust most: Steve Yzerman or Troy Weaver?

- How badly could Jim screw up this weekend away with his girlfriend’s parents?

In addition, LionsWire’s Erik Schlitt gives a Lions Training Camp update LIVE from Allen Park, and the Detroit News’ Rod Beard provides his insights on last night’s NBA Draft Lottery.

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