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PODCAST: 10-5-20 SHOW (Saints Drop Lions to 1-3 & Quinntricia's Future)

Big Drew and Jim recap yet another Lions loss, this time at the hands of the Saints at home, and go back into the NBA and MLB bubbles. Also, the guys go “Around the NFL,” and Producer Fongers ends the show with a “Moment of Positivity”:

- The Matt Patricia excuses continue to fly, “When I came to Detroit, there was a lot of work to do.” Is he a dead man walking?

- One Lions player says they should be 4-0. Do you buy any of it?

- Should Lions fans be on high alert for a possible coaching change?

- NBA/MLB Bubble Update: Heat take Game 3, and the MLB gets set for the Divisional Round beginning today.

- The Matt Millen vibes are back! How much longer does Quinntricia have left?

- “Around the NFL”: What stood out from this past weekend?

- Were you a Saints fan yesterday?

- Producer Fongers gives out a “Moment of Positivity” to end Monday’s show!

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